ShiftWizard is a healthcare workforce management solution for hospitals and non-acute facilities. The company‚Äôs SaaS solution delivers a number of best-in-class automation capabilities including workforce scheduling, productivity management, and predictive analytics. This solution supports the needs of both direct-patient care personnel (nursing, surgical services, emergency, radiology, lab, and pharmacy) and non-patient personnel (food service, environmental, and operational). 


180 Health Partners is a Nashville-based population health company that partners with opioid-dependent expecting mothers to safely detox during their pregnancy in an effort to reduce the pain, cost and mortality of babies that experience symptoms of withdrawal from opioid drugs, also known as Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). Through partnerships with health plans, OB\GYNs, physicians, behavioral health services, and other community resources, the company provides and coordinates the comprehensive services a mother needs to successfully detox from opiates, sustain opioid-free living, and deliver a healthy baby.